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How to Select the Best Telephones for Seniors

How to Select the Best Telephones for Seniors

Elderly people need to stay in touch with their loved ones. They are at a stage of their lives where constant communication, especially with people who mean the world to them, is imperative. Their friends also need to know how the seniors are faring. Often, this all comes down to the quality of telephones the seniors have access to; and, which they can use to do all this. Selecting the right phones for the elderly can be a challenge though.

Below are a few tips to guide you into buying the right kind of phones for your elderly relatives.

Select phones with legible writings

Seniors face many health challenges. They also face vision-related problems. They cannot see well. The vision problems could be the result of age or a health issue. The eye issues make it harder for seniors to use phones. For this reason, choose only phones that do not make the seniors’ work more difficult. Look for phones whose numbers and small buttons are easier to read. Otherwise, the seniors will keep dialing wrong numbers.

Select phones that don’t worsen hearing problems

Most seniors have to grapple with hearing problems. A good telephone is one that does not enhance this problem. An elderly individual who uses a phone that doesn’t make it easier to listen to what the person on the other side of the call says would grow more frustrated. The fact the elderly individual has to ask the other person to keep repeating himself or herself can be quite frustrating too.

Hearing aids do not offer much consolation here.

Just select the right phone.

How comfortable is the phone?

A phone meant for seniors should be comfortable to use. Here, comfort starts with ease of handling. The phone should have fewer buttons. Additionally, it should also have fewer features and options. It should be the simplest phone available. Avoid giving the seniors the kind of a phone that will only lead to more confusion. If you give them phones with multiple features and buttons, they will probably stop using such.

How visible are the emergency call buttons?

Telephones designed for elderly individuals always come with emergency call buttons. These buttons should be large and visible. Ensure these buttons are pre-programmed for calling 911 or any other emergency numbers. Program the phones so the seniors can call close family members, friends or neighbors in the face of emergency. Emergency call buttons should be colored bright red. In addition, emergency call buttons should be easier to locate.

Use these tips to give yourself an easier task of choosing the right telephones for seniors.