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How reliable is Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

How reliable is Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

Your choice of an end of tenancy cleaning service can make your moving experience smooth or a nightmare. If the end of tenancy cleaning is done right, you will have your tenancy deposit refunded without a hitch. If the cleaning service botches up the work, the landlord raises a dispute and withholds your tenancy deposit. You can then opt for a legal dispute, do a repeat job, or forfeit the tenancy deposit.

Any of those choices is inconvenient and will cost you time or money. This means that choosing a reliable end of tenancy cleaning service is your only protection against these unfortunate events. How does a reliable cleaning service look like?

There is a physical office to see

A reliable and professional cleaning service will have a physical address. This denotes several things. It shows that the cleaning service has the required staff and equipment required for different cleaning jobs. It also shows that the cleaning service is not afraid of customers coming to the offices to make enquiries.

A cleaning service that has a physical office is also registered and insured. You need these two qualities in a cleaning service since they will be dealing with valuable house items. Risks of theft and damage will be well covered.

Professional looking staff

Are your phone calls answered promptly? How are you received at the office? A quick response and prompt attendance are early signs that you are dealing with a professional service. The way the cleaning staff is treated also shows the attitude of the management. If the cleaning crews are treated shabbily, it is also likely that you could receive this treatment as a customer.

The physical appearance of the cleaning crew also shows the seriousness of a cleaning service. If the uniforms are clean and well taken care of, you have a company that cares about its staff and treats them well. In turn, the cleaning service will want them to perform the best to keep the customers flowing in.

There is visible equipment

Just like you would see plenty of music equipment at a music studio, you should see evidence that a cleaning service is in the cleaning business by having cleaning equipment and material on site. Hoovers, vacuum cleaners, brooms and other tools should be visible. The absence of equipment and material would mean that you are dealing with a broker, who is likely to sub-contract work to a third party.

There are many cleaning services, but you need to pick a reliable end of tenancy cleaning services to have your cleaning done right the first time.